Max Desiatov

Max DesiatovI'm Max Desiatov, a software consultant building mobile and backend apps. My interests include coding in Swift and TypeScript, product design, video games and music.


Hire Me

I'm available for hire as a consultant, both remotely and on-site in London or Cambridge, UK. I specialise in native iOS apps, React.js and Node.js. During the last 10 years I've built both frontend and backend apps and participated in all stages of software development lifecycle.

What do my clients say?

I’ve never seen code work this well a few days before a trial!
Brian Krejcarek

Some of the apps I've worked on recently

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I've developed iOS apps and a Node.js backend for proximity tracking of proprietary IoT accessories. Also implemented React.js-based web UI for analysing proximity events and provisioning the accessories in different B2B settings.


I've completely rewritten a personal finance application for iOS in Swift previously written in Objective-C. Implemented new UI and backend API integration provided by the client. Developed new features and integrations with 3rd-party frameworks. After the updates were released the app saw an increase in number of positive customer reviews and now has an average rating of 4.7/5 on iOS App Store.


I've worked in a team that developed mobile machine learning pipeline and data engineering tools predicting user's mode of transportation based on GPS and motion sensors data. Managed transition from Objective-C to Swift of the app code. Developed code communicating with an air pollution sensor using Bluetooth. Written internal coding-style guidelines, increased application test coverage with help of dependency injection, stubs and mocks. Set up continuous integration servers to enable fast delivery of updates to internal and external testers.

If you'd like to work with me...

If you need a new app or something fixed in your software or features added, feel free to message me on Twitter or LinkedIn.